Our childcare center has educated hundreds of children since 1997, and was founded by Liz Fisher, a parent of three wonderful children. Liz rented the old cannery buildings at the Semiahmoo Park until 2004 when she purchased the land for the center on Legion Drive.  She has a CDA and has a BA in Elementary Education and hundreds of annual credit hours in Early Childhood Education. The Semiahmoo Kids Kamp is a level 3 facility in Early Achievers Rating System through the state of Washington. We remain committed to bringing the highest quality early childhood education and care to our children and their families. We regularly update our curricula to align with national and state accreditation standards and have developed new enrichment programs.
We have several family and community events throughout the year.

The Dolphin Room is for preschoolers between 3 and 5 years of age. There are three caregivers with a maximum of twenty-five children. 

The Dolphin's curriculum is a combination of Creative Curriculum and weekly themes. The Creative curriculum focuses on concepts that promote social, self-regulation, literacy, language, and cognitive development through child-directed and teacher-led activities. 

The Creative Curriculum materials are used to compliment our themes and routines already in place and to assess progress of preschoolers.

Following are examples of what your preschooler will be doing during their time in the Dolphin Room:
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Following basic rules and instructions 
  • Communicating with peers and teachers 
  • Sharing, choosing, and participating in group times 
  • Language Development
  • Reading stories and singing songs 
  • Listening to stories on tape 
  • Small Groups conversations 
  • Self Help Skills
  • Cleaning up 
  • Washing hands and face 
  • Potty training 
  • Creative Expression
  • Dress up and imaginary play 
  • Painting, gluing, cutting and coloring 
  • Singing and dancing 
  • Math, sorting, measuring, and categorizing,simple experiments 
  • Understanding of social roles and rules 
  • Awareness of our environment and surroundings 
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Counting and number recognition 
  • Phonemics and letter recognition 
  • Following three step directions 

The Starfish Room serves children between 12 and 29 months of age, although this may vary depending on each child's development. There are two caregivers with a maximum of 12 toddlers. 

Play activities are designed to encourage stimulation in fine and gross motor development and positive social and emotional interactions. Our days are child driven and by choice. A basic routine is followed and adapted according to children's needs and moods.

Following are a few examples of what your toddler will be doing during their time in the Starfish Room:
  • Sensory Experiences
  • Water, sand, rice, and corn meal sensory table 
  • Bubbles 
  • Playdoh 
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Following simple rules like "gentle hands" and "quiet voices" 
  • Following instructions such as "pick up the toy" 
  • Following routines like "let's wash our hands and then..." 
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Pouring, sifting, filling, and dumping 
  • Simple puzzles 
  • Gross Motor Development
  • Dancing and marching 
  • Crawling, climbing, jumping, and running 
  • Language Development 
  • Reading stories and singing songs 
  • Talking and communicating with one another 
  • Self Help Skills
  • Washing hands 
  • Eating and cleaning up independently 
  • Taking off and putting on shoes 
  • Creative Expression
  • Easel, finger, or sponge painting 
  • Color with crayons, markers, and chalk 
We recognize how important it is that your child's morning transitions be smooth, structured and secure. Therefore, we offer a welcoming atmosphere that includes a nutritious breakfast, quiet activities and the extra attention children need to prepare for a good day at school. We then walk your child to the end of the driveway to catch the school bus. 

Our after school program fills that critical time after school for working parents and their children. They get to spend time with friends and enjoy activities that are relevant to school-age interests. 

To make it easy for your family's schedule, our school-age program also aligns with school calendars to provide a fun-filled day  during holidays, teacher in-service days and other school breaks.

The program is directed by a certified teacher and an assistant.  Our staff is chosen  for their experience and education, as well as commitment to children and life-long learning. 

We meet your child at the Semiahmoo Kids Kamp bus stop after school each day. 

Program Features
  • Homework support in the Homework Center 
  • Fitness activities to keep your child active and healthy 
  • Builds leadership and communication skills through Classroom Activities
  • A comfortable environment where your child will learn to build confidence, self esteem, character and social skills 
  • Daily communication between teachers and parents keep you informed about your child's day 

 Summer Camps:
Summer program features
  • Weekly tennis, instruction with resort professionals.
  • Variety of special programs and activities in a camp-like atmosphere 
  • Flexible program options so you can plan around family vacations 
  • Exciting field trips 
  • Safe and trusted environment 
Ages 1 year to 3 years
Ages 3 years to 5 years
Ages 5 years to 12 years